Dr Mirko Đorđević

The Horus Clinic for Integrative Medicine is owned and operated by Dr. Mirko Sokol Djordjevic. As a practitioner of both Western and Eastern methodologies, Mirko not only addresses patient issues with pain and illness, he is also committed to the overall well-being of his patients.

Decorated Lt. Colonel, flight surgeon, Special Forces leader, champion skydiver, sports medicine specialist, and Chinese medicine specialist, Mirko is a multidimensional professional who recently has turned his focus toward the practice of traditional Chinese medicine in Belgrade, Serbia. His specialties at the Horus Clinic are acupuncture and herbs and sports medicine complemented by psychotherapy services.

His Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine is from the prestigious Yo San University in Los Angeles, California in the U.S. He trained and worked as an MD in Yugoslavia, with focus in specialty areas sports medicine, sports psychology, aviation medicine, and psychotherapy.

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Mirko is driven by the pursuit of excellence and extraordinary performance in everything he does. In the skydiving world, he is known for his more than 12,000 recorded parachute jumps, 11 Yugoslav national records, and 53 championship skydiving medals, in addition to being awarded a decoration for Bravery as Special Forces leader from the Yugoslav Presidency during the Balkan wars. He brings this same intense dedication to achieving results to his new Belgrade medical practice.

After practicing medicine in Serbia for more than 17 years, Mirko immigrated to the US in 1997 to work in the skydiving industry. Desiring to put his MD experience to work while living in Florida, he managed a physical therapy office in Boca Raton for a group of medical professionals. He moved to the western United States to be Chief Instructor at a large skydiving drop zone north of Los Angeles, California, where he became known as a gifted and sought-after instructor of novices and experienced jumpers alike. While in Los Angeles Mirko also worked in physical therapy, developing his own highly effective aqua-therapy techniques.

Mirko is a high-energy, skilled medical practitioner and teacher who cares deeply about his patients and their over-all well-being. As a medical professional, Mirko brings all his unique experience to bear as he pushes for the most effective of patient outcomes.