Psychotherapy and Sports Psychology

Mirko has been involved in psychology and psychotherapy for more than 30 years. In addition to formal psychology and psychotherapy training and education, prior to his formal education Mirko also developed his personal concepts and techniques in anti-stress, relaxation and concentration when training and competing in sport parachuting. Mirko broadened and further developed these techniques under the guidance of Prof Dr Vladimir Vilhar, starting with Autogenic Training as his primary method for relaxation and stress control in competitive sports. He later honed these techniques further, merging them with additional, more complex methods including autohypnosis, hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing). Mirko employed this knowledge to assist patients and sports competitors who came to him for advice and psychotherapy and also organized and personally participated in establishing several National parachuting records in Yugoslavia.

His expertise came to bear again as he put his sports, medical and psychological knowledge to work in support of the selection of military professionals, candidates to become members of airborne special forces units. Mirko also worked one-on-one work with many members of special forces and airborne units to increase safety standards. His work with the Military parachute team produced exceptional results as they competed in events on a national level. Under Mirko’s guidance the team won several national championships.

All this experience has been used to train people in the skydiving environment, both military and civilian, to be more successful by helping them define their goals, strengthening their motivation, improve their efficiency in other areas of their lives, and improve their learning and working routines and performance. During his life in United States Mirko also had the opportunity to work with children and young people with developments issues, he found it to be extremely rewarding.

Psychotherapy and acupuncture: An important step in psychotherapy is creating insights. Insight is the ground-breaking step in this process. This also often brings to the surface a lot of suppressed emotions. The person having insight often experiences as a follow up significant increases in fear, anger, rage, worry, insomnia, restlessness and so on, emotions difficult to control. This can slow a person’s progress and achievement of the goal of making a final, deeply rooted decision to change their life for good. rewarding.

Using acupuncture in this process is very efficient for controlling and reducing overwhelming emotional response and helps to have a smoother transition and shorter “psychotherapy ride”.